Correct outline research paper

Almost all human knowledge can be distilled from stored text. From stone tablets to printed books to the internet, we write our ideas down. A machine capable of assimilating this information would be incredibly useful. A truly literate machine could answer users' questions about arbitrary subjects in open domains like an oracle -- and wouldn't need an engineer to feed it all useful information in advance (an impossible task, anyhow). A machine that reads on its own could incorporate dynamic information in real time from the world around it.

Robert G. Edwards was born in 1925 in Batley, England. After military service in the Second World War, he studied biology at the University of Wales in Bangor and at Edinburgh University in Scotland, where he received his PhD in 1955 with a Thesis on embryonal development in mice. He became a staff scientist at the National Institute for Medical Research in London in 1958 and initiated his research on the human fertilization process. From 1963, Edwards worked in Cambridge, first at its university and later at Bourn Hall Clinic, the world's first IVF centre, which he founded together with Patrick Steptoe. Edwards was its research director for many years and he was also the editor of several leading scientific journals in the area of fertilization. Robert Edwards is currently professor emeritus at the University of Cambridge.

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Correct outline research paper

correct outline research paper


correct outline research papercorrect outline research papercorrect outline research papercorrect outline research paper