English paper zombie

The second, more serious issue is that several minutes of Dr. Kwang Jingshu’s story on Disc #1 were omitted from the new version. Random House Audio assures me that the digital master has been fixed and the new version is available. The majority of you have downloaded from Audible. They have dropped the new version of WWZ into your library. To access this updated file, you simply re-download it from your library. Audible will be sending you an email alerting you of this update. If you’ve used another digital retailer you should contact their customer service. All defective audio CDs have been pulled from circulation, and reformatted audiobooks containing the missing minutes are on their way to stores now. If anyone has already purchased the audiobook in disc format, you can contact Random House directly at: 1-800-733-3000 or email Random House Customer Service  and they will mail you a new Disc #1.

I like how everyone is trying to prove to people on the internet that they have all this crap and could survive an apocalypse, when chances are you guys have never been given the opportunity to shoot one of your own friends/relatives because of an unfortunate event… Don’t be so cocky guys, you never know when something’ll bite ya in the ass later on. Besides, it seems to me that all you lot are thinking about is the weapons you can use; what about vehicles and fuel? What about food and water? What about a contingency plan in case shit goes down at home? There are a lot of variables to a destroyed civilization and if you don’t think about them then you won’t last a week.

English paper zombie

english paper zombie


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