Examples of research paper introductions

Note: Detailed Footnotes and Endnotes are needed only for sources cited for the first time. When citing the same work more than once, it is no longer fashionable to use ibid. or op. cit. ; the current trend is to use the short title or the author’s last name instead. Indent the first line of a Footnote or Endnote entry.  Second and subsequent lines are not indented. Double space between the lines. Treat each entry as one statement or sentence. Put a period at the end of each entry. For further details and more samples, see How to Write Footnotes and Endnotes, Footnotes – Sample Page, and Endnotes – Sample Page.

What does it mean to be “highly religious”? In our analysis, this includes any adult who reports at least two of four highly observant behaviors – attending religious services at least weekly, praying at least daily, believing in God with absolute certainty and saying that religion is very important to them — while  not reporting a low level of religious observance in any of these areas, such as seldom or never attending religious services, seldom or never praying, not believing in God and saying that religion is “not too” or “not at all” important in their life. We also define a person as “highly religious” if they report three highly religious behaviors and a low level of religiosity on a fourth measure.

I have a question, suppose I have a variable “Gender Diversity”. In my survey questionnaire I have three questions about it. So, when I want to check the relationship between “gender diversity” and “performance of the firm”, what shall I do to make a scale on SPSS? Like three questions make one variable but when checking this variable, which question shall I consider out of three or shall I combine all three questions and divide it by the number of questions to make representative variable?
Note: I am using LIKERT Scale for this survey.

Examples of research paper introductions

examples of research paper introductions


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