Honor your veterans essay

I know a Vietnam vet that, as you, had to shoot and kill a child, as many warriors have had to do. He carried her around inside for over 30 years. He, as you was tormented. After many years, his therapist suggested that he have a figurative funeral for her. It so happened the next week his long in pain very old mother died. He went to her funeral and figuratively laid the little girl in his mother’s arms for her to take care of her forever. Immediately he felt better. As time passed, with each time he remembered laying the little girl in his mother’s arms he felt better.  Perhaps you can do the same in your mind. Use your spirituality in this one.  Find a spiritual caretaker for the child.  (Remember, retrain the brain is what this is all about)

Veterans Day is an official United States Holiday celebrated annually on 11th November. This is celebrated to honor those who served for the country. The people who are in Armed Forces are known as Veterans. The day is also known as the anniversary of the end of Veterans Day. The world war was ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the month of 1918. The US also observed this day as Armistice Day. Download Veterans Day Images , Veterans Quotes , Veterans Day Pictures from here and share on social sites to show your appreciation to our heros.

Honor your veterans essay

honor your veterans essay


honor your veterans essayhonor your veterans essayhonor your veterans essayhonor your veterans essay