Internship term paper sample

The UNIDO ad hoc internship programme has been established for participants who have completed an advanced university degree or who are enrolled in the last year of such a programme. Its purpose is to promote, among the participants, a better understanding of our Organization’s goals and objectives and, at the same time, to afford them with an insight on how attempts are made to solve problems confronting developing economies in the area of industrialization. Within the framework of this programme, we accept a limited number of unpaid interns who wish to obtain practical experience in the work of UNIDO, or to conduct research on items of direct relevance to UNIDO’s programme of work.

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You may also want to consider providing interns with information about nearby community colleges: Many students will be interested in attending during their work term to take care of some electives and/or get a little ahead with the hours they need to graduate. If you have the budget, you may also want to consider paying the tuition for courses they take while working for you, but, as is the case with housing, any assistance you can provide—even if it’s just providing them with information about local schools—will earn you points with students.

Internship term paper sample

internship term paper sample


internship term paper sampleinternship term paper sampleinternship term paper sampleinternship term paper sample