Media studies essays

An early example of censorship is the way in which Christians in the Roman Empire were forbidden to come together to worship for fear of execution and all Christian manuscripts were ordered to be burnt. In 202 AD Clement of Alexandria said, "Many martyrs are daily burned, confined, or beheaded, before our eyes." This reflects the very anti Christian feeling there was in the Roman Empire at the time and reveals how the bloody execution of open Christians was a popular entertainment for the people. From this we can gather that the government feared the new religious uprising that was occurring as it threatened to undermine their power over the populous, and so did anything in their power to extinguish the ways it could be spread. The writings of Christianity were destroyed as were the people carrying the messages вЂ" all that could be done to destroy the message. The way in which Rome tried to quell the Christian message shows how censorship in earlier times was mainly used to maintain control. As the popularity of Christianity increased, the Roman Empire had to match this by converting in order to save itself from being destroyed. Even in early society censorship had to meet public demands or it would be over-ridden as it was beyond the capabilities of the law to enforce it.

The truth is that Media Studies is a difficult subject and should be amongst the top 5 essentials. In fact I'd argue it's more important now than it's ever been. If History is the equivalent of learning the past then Media is about learning the future. With our kids using mobiles, tablets, computers and just about still watching TV and Film - Media Studies has to adapt. For example, the latest GCSE (or Cambridge National) includes: Creating Apps, Digital Photography, Digital Animation, Comic Strips, Website creation etc... the latest Cambridge Technical has been endorsed by Cambridge University and includes: News, TV/Film, Apps, Websites, Digital Animation etc.. Now if you feel these things don't belong in our schools then I feel sorry for you and you are clearly so far behind the times it's unreal. It may be difficult to get an A in the subject - true but that's because it's more challenging than English, more challenging than Maths and more importantly, it teaches a set of very broad skills that ALL employers USE.

Media studies essays

media studies essays


media studies essaysmedia studies essaysmedia studies essaysmedia studies essays