Mini tv transmitter thesis

My Nyrius transmitter/receiver combination is used to communicate from a computer on one side of a room to a display on the other side without having to string cables. It works well, but in fact this recent purchase is a repeat buy because the first one failed. I believe the sender unit was bumped as it protruded from the computer's HDMI port (much as a USB stick does). One day when I went to use it, it appeared slightly bent, and no longer worked. The computer is in a protected spot, but does sit on the floor, so it's possible that a bump occurred when custodial people were cleaning. Still, I was a bit unhappy that it was so fragile. However, when working, it does its job well, so despite the fact that I couldn't just replace the damaged piece--had to buy both parts at $200--I went ahead and did so. So we are back in business. It is possible to interrupt/slow its communication if a person stands in the direct path between sender and receiver, but that is rarely a problem. I'd give 5 stars except for the fragility.

My Samsung TV has a left/right channel audio output in the back. The output is apparently line-level (low level without amplification). In utilizing the Miccus Bluetooth Trans/Rcv for transmitting a bluetooth signal to headphones (TV RCA out to Miccus RCA in) I have not had a satisfactory result. The Miccus does succusfully transmit from the earphone jack on my A/V receiver; that jack is amplified. Question: do I need a pre-amp/mini amp in line from the TV RCA audio output if I want to bypass the A/V receiver. If so, any recommendations?

Mini tv transmitter thesis

mini tv transmitter thesis


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