Need for value based education essay

Expand from process excellence to population management. HSS has multiple groups that drive efficiencies in discrete parts of a patient’s episode of care (., all the services involved in treating a patient for a particular condition within a specified period). For example, the Operational Excellence group focuses on operating room efficiencies and improving clinician workflow, while the Care Management group concentrates on surgical patients’ immediate post-discharge period. The Value Management Office now partners with these different groups to realize efficiencies across the full episode of care. It has begun a new program to manage the activities for patients’ preventive and follow-up care, which will be the foundation for new bundled-payment programs for treating musculoskeletal diseases within defined populations. HSS deliberately chose a chief value medical officer with prior experience in a payer organization to promote a more informed approach when engaging with private payers and employers around value-based reimbursement models.

The objective of education in a country like India, which has a glorious heritage and can boast of diversity in geography, culture, values and beliefs very rarely seen in this wide world, should be to educate a student of the value system which is indispensable to live a successful life. There has been a lapse in our value system which the educational institutes should inculcate in a student – that is why there are increased incidences of teenage pregnancies, MMS scandals, student prostitution and academic pressure related suicides.

Need for value based education essay

need for value based education essay


need for value based education essayneed for value based education essayneed for value based education essayneed for value based education essay