Of mice and men paper

Exposure conditions. Mean particle count for 8 days of postnatal exposure was × 10 5 particles/m 3 , whereas mean daily particle mass concentration was µg/m 3 and mean daily particle count for 4 days of adult exposure was × 10 5 particles/m 3 with a mean mass concentration of µg/m 3 [ Figure 1A ; see also Supplemental Material, Table S2 (http:////)]. Particles remained ultrafine (< 100 nm) in size across exposure days for both postnatal and adult exposures ( Figure 1B ). Ultrafine CAPS concentrations in the exposure chambers were approximately 10 times that of ambient air from which the particles were concentrated. Ambient levels of UFP were similar to those reported for Erfurt (Germany) and Atlanta (Georgia), which ranged from approximately 10,000–20,000 particles/cm 3 with 24-hr maxima of 50,000 particles/cm 3 ( Wichmann and Peters 2010 ; Woo et al. 2010 ).

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Of mice and men paper

of mice and men paper


of mice and men paperof mice and men paperof mice and men paperof mice and men paper