Phd thesis poverty reduction

Elly joined our PhD Program after completing McMaster’s Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She earned her Bachelor of Engineering from Sun Yat-sen University in China. While in our PhD program, Elly published two book chapters as well as an article in CJAS. She presented papers at the ASAC conferences in 2013 and 2014, the US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference in 2015, the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2015 and. the Academy of Management Meeting in 2016.  Elly also served as a sessional lecturer at DeGroote for Com. 2BC3 in Fall 2016 term.

At my late 40s, I started a fulltime PhD course with a fellowship grant from one of the leading universities in western Europe. I finished up in early 50s. The only problem I encountered was supervisory laxity from the first order supervisor. Unexpectedly and happily, though at an advanced stage, the second order supervisor took over in a more efficient manner. I remember there was an Asian colleague over 70 years that successfully defended his thesis. My observations are that age is no serious barrier. With objetivity, focus and determination you can go through the rigors of doing a PhD with others. Moreover, publications in mostly first order international journals boost post-doc job placings. I’m delighted I’m increasingly gaining ground in the research and teaching profession. As regards securing funding, particularly, scholarships, there are many institutions or organizations worldwide that offer financial assistance for PhD students, sometimes, independent of age. In short, some emphasize postgraduate work experience as an added advantage for admission. Sometimes, the internet can be source of information for institutions that offer financial support.

Phd thesis poverty reduction

phd thesis poverty reduction


phd thesis poverty reductionphd thesis poverty reductionphd thesis poverty reductionphd thesis poverty reduction