Platoon movie review essay

Sometimes tense, sometimes touching and sometimes shocking, this snapped up four of 1987’s Oscars, including Best Director and Best Picture (okay, so it doesn’t sound all that impressive in the aftermath of The Return of the King’s clean sweep, but it’s still a decent haul). Revisiting it through this special edition DVD release, it still looks fresh and certainly hasn’t lost any of its impact. Of course, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and, as is the tendency with the war genre, its all-out seriousness leaves it teetering on the verge of pretentious self-importance. But hey, with Johnny Depp, Tony Todd, Keith David and Forest Whitaker also among the cast, there won’t be ANYONE out there who can’t appreciate it if only for how well it lends itself to a good ol’ fashioned game of “Where Are They Now?”.

Science-Fiction Films
MOTHRA, directed by Inoshiro Honda; produced by Tomoyuki Tanaha; presented here by Columbia Pictures. Running time: 100 minutes.
The Reporter . . . Franky Sakai
The Photographer . . . Hiroshi Koizumi
The Showman . . . Kyoko Kagawa
The Twins . . . The Itoh Sisters
THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, screen play by Elwood Ullman; directed by Edward Bernds; a Norman Maurer production; presented by Columbia, Running time: eighty-seven minutes. Both films at neighborhood theatres.
The Three Stooges . . . Themselves
Carol . . . Carol Christensen
Captain Andrews . . . Edison Stroll
Professor Danforth . . . Emil Sitka
Ogg . . . George N. Neise
Zogg . . . Rayford Barnes

Platoon movie review essay

platoon movie review essay


platoon movie review essayplatoon movie review essayplatoon movie review essayplatoon movie review essay