Proofreading from home

Send the Initial Test with your CV and covering letter to: Natasha Andrew, Proofreader Support, ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol BS10 5PY. In your cover letter please let us know if you have any particular subject specialisms, . if you have a Science degree, if you speak another language or if you have studied Music to a high level.
Please ensure you send this with the correct amount of postage ; ordinary postage stamps often fall a few pence short of the postage cost for a large document and this can prevent them from being delivered.

Rachel A. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University where she focused her studies in languages. As a student, she served as a tutor in the university Writing Center, a staff writer for the campus newspaper, and a co-founder of the newsletter, The Vision. She also worked for a small business as an editor of the Associated Press news headlines. Following graduation with her second major in education, Rachel focused her career on teaching both elementary and secondary grades in various places in the United States and the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, she continued to nurture her excitement for English both in her teaching and personal writing. In June 2010, she left her teaching career to begin professionally editing. Her pastimes include outdoor recreation, nature photography, and writing poetry.

Proofreading from home

proofreading from home


proofreading from homeproofreading from homeproofreading from homeproofreading from home