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The audition was so stress free that I thought there had to be a catch. I didn't play very hard or show off any. The second gig on the tour was at the Hop Farm festival in England. We played after Patti Smith and before The Stooges. There were 25,000 people there. I'd never seen anything like it from a stage. And during the song, Ecstasy, he walked over to me and said "play a solo". I took off. Hard. He came over again and said "play fast". So I did. Then he yelled "play fast!" so I fucking did. I believe that was the audition. I think what's interesting is that Lou took a chance on me. A lot of people spend a lot of time hoping the industry will take notice, and at some point you need someone to take a chance on you. Put themselves on the line and believe enough in you to give you a shot. It's rare. And Lou did that for me. I'll be forever grateful.

That is a competitive score for a child of her age; however, there is certainly room for improvement. To answer your question about interpreting these new scores – there are numerous resources, posted on this site and throughout the web (like the 2016 Concordance Tables, for example), that can tell you how this score might compare to previous SAT scores, which information you could then use to see how she compares in a larger historical context; however, one of the benefits of her having taken the test at such an early age, and really of her not being a member of the first two classes to take and submit the new SAT for the purpose of admission to college, is that by the time she is actually applying to college, not only will her score have improved but you will have much more information on what different universities typically expect on the new SAT for admission.

If you have never been issued credit, some lenders may evaluate your creditworthiness based on factors such as proof that you pay rent, utility, and phone bills on time, or that you make regular deposits to a savings or checking account. You could also ask another person, such as a parent, to cosign a loan. This gives you an opportunity to make payments on time and build your credit history. At the same time, the lender's risk is reduced because it can rely on the good credit of the cosigner. (The cosigner would have to pay what you owe if you didn't make the payments.)

Reed college essays

reed college essays


reed college essaysreed college essaysreed college essaysreed college essays