Reflections on joan essay

I’ve taught it as a read aloud for 5th grade, three years running. I taught a one month Social Studies unit on the history of African Americans in the US and another mini unit on the Great Depression to give the students background knowledge of the Jim Crow South during the Depression. I have seen students who hate reading become “converted” to the world of great literature. I explain to the students that, while the main characters are children, it’s not a children’s book. I also explain that there is a difference between the books that they have read up to that point and Pulitzer Prize winning books. I teach it to children in the 5th grade knowing that they will probably read it again in Junior High or High School. I want them to have a good relationship with the book before it becomes a tedious task.

Joan Miro’s style has been interprered as Surrealism combined with the playfulness and whimsical nature of a child. Miro’s surrealist style was born from his use of automatic drawing – a way to undo previous established techniques in painting. Miro and Andre Masson were considered the beginning of the Surrealist movement but Miro chose not to be labeled as a Surrealist  in order to be free of experiment with oter artistic movements/styles. He eventually purused his own interests and ideals; as displayed by his involvement in the Surrealist, Expressionist and Color Field movements.

Reflections on joan essay

reflections on joan essay


reflections on joan essayreflections on joan essayreflections on joan essayreflections on joan essay