Sweatshop essay

Therefore, to establish good public relations Nike took some more steps. It commissioned Ernst & Young, an independent organisation to audit its subcontractors' overseas factories (Rourke, 2000). When four Indonesian subcontractors are refused to abide by the company's standard for wage levels and working condition, Nike terminated its relationship with them. Stout (1997) argued that this made a positive image of Nike in media and enhanced its public image in Asian countries. Later, Nike adopted a standard according to which a person with 17 years of age or more can work and workers have to prove their age by submitting 3 documents certifying their age (Lee, 2000).

Sweatshops perpetuate a cycle of poverty which is hard to break out of. When those who start working in such environment, one can assume they will remain in such positions for their natural lifetime. By virtue of Western manufacturers and companies utilizing the output of these facilities, they encourage their continued existence and creation of new ones. They use sweatshops as their backbone to maintaining market share and competition. There is a big problem here, as Sergey explained these significant profits are at the expense of exploiting people, human being just like me and u.

Sweatshop essay

sweatshop essay


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