Thesis speech language pathology

(e) Intern Plan and Agreement of Supervision. The department prescribed Intern Plan and Agreement of Supervision for an Intern in Audiology Form shall be completed and signed in a manner prescribed by the department by both the applicant and the licensed audiologist who agrees to assume responsibility for all services provided by the intern in audiology. The proposed department-approved supervisor shall: hold a valid Texas license in audiology; possess a master's degree or higher with a major in one of the areas of communicative sciences or disorders, if the supervisor applied for the audiology license before September 1, 2011, or possess a doctoral degree or higher in audiology or a related hearing science, if the supervisor applied for the audiology license on or after September 1, 2011; and meet the requirements set out in the Act and §.

The supervisor is responsible for verifying to the State Board for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology that the applicant has completed professional-level experience. Suggestions for consideration under each competency listed below are not intended to be all-inclusive or limited to those stated. Rather, they are intended as examples of professional behaviors to be accomplished by the applicant. Also, the suggestions for consideration are not intended to establish specific criteria, to restrict supervisor judgement, or to limit in any way the scope of professional practice.

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Thesis speech language pathology

thesis speech language pathology


thesis speech language pathologythesis speech language pathologythesis speech language pathologythesis speech language pathology