Thesis status nus

After at least six years of medical school, the students graduate with a final federal medical exam ( Zweiter Abschnitt der ärztlichen Prüfung ). Graduates receive their license to practice medicine and the professional title of physician ( Arzt ). The academic degree Doctor of Medicine (Dr. med.) MD is a postgraduate research degree in medicine. [29] It is awarded if the graduate has, in addition, successfully completed a scientific study and dissertation. Many medical students opt to perform their thesis during their studies at medical school but are only allowed to finish the dissertation process after their studies.

The RO is responsible for keeping all student records (past and present) and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of such records; and for providing the secretariat to the University's Senate, which is the academic body that sets and controls the general direction of instruction, research, and examination leading to the award of degrees. In relation to this latter responsibility, the RO helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies; as well as provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the University community.

Thesis status nus

thesis status nus


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